Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-06-12 00:48:15 (UTC)

one slave's lack of obedience

Dearest Master,

Sometimes the only appropriate thing to say is, You were
right and this slave was wrong. this slave is so very
sorry that she ignored Your command yesterday, and that
she has not been timely in her efforts to resolve the
other issue facing U/us. this slave knows You get so
tired of hearing this slave say she is sorry and that she
will try to do better. this slave gets tired of having to
say it. she wishes she could get her act together and
just do it right the first time.

Master, this slave lets the time pass too quickly, and
forgets to let You know how important You are to her. If
You could see Yourself through the eyes of this slave, You
would understand what a wonderful, important person You
are, not only to her, but to others You encounter on a
daily basis. this slave sees You with other people and
how they are drawn to You, how they react to You, the
positive influence You have on their lives. this slave is
so proud of You, and she is so very blessed that she is
the lucky one that You have chosen to have as Your own.
Thank You so much, Master.

Last night was another wonderful night with You, Master.
Thank You. this slave looks forward hopefully to this
night. May it be as wonderful as O/our previous nights
W/we have shared this past week.

this slave loves You so very much, and she is, as always,
Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,