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2005-06-11 06:17:54 (UTC)

*Dream about Summer*

Ok so this summer I'm going to try to do everything on
this list. Just to make my summer fun. Because I'm being
ditched by most of my friends so I'm going to have to
entertain myself. When I've done everything on my list
I'll put brackets around it to show that I've done it. Ok
so here goes...

./*Have a picnic in the traffic circle

X./*Ride my bike to Edmonton (preferably to the Millcreek
Outdoor pool or whatever its called.)

./*Buy the biggest bra I can frind from Zellers and
cook/burn it (lol explanation is in my last entry :P )

X./*Get a boyfriend

X./*Kiss somebody I love in the pouring rain

(./*Dance in puddles during a thunder storm)* (haha me and
Katie and Kayla walked to Blockbuster and rented Monster
just as it was finishing storming and haha we were so
soaked from splashing around and getting each other
drentched!! great times!)*

./*Read 50 books

(X./*Pass Pure Math 30 in summer school. Or atleast
achieve over 40% in it...)*(TOTALLY GOT 54%! WHOOOOOOT!)

(X./*Do Drivers Training in August)*(Did it in
I just gotta do the incar part)

./*Suntan on a roof

(X./*Swim in a pretty lake)*(River...whatever same thing)*

(./*Get 2 scoops of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream
from an ice cream store)*(totally got two scoops of cookie
dough ice cream from the fringe! great times!)

X./*Watch the sunset

(X./*Watch the sunrise)*(For sure did at the lock-in on
Oct 7-8!!! Whoot for not sleeping and pulling a 48 hour
wake-a-thon!!! YESSSSS)

(X./*Lay in the grass laughing and watching the stars
either alone, with one other person or with lots of
friends.)*(Annette!!! I love you so much!)*

(./*Sleep in a tent)*

X./*Go to a bush party to meet new people (not to get drunk
considering the fact I don't exactly drink)

(X./*Make new friends)*(Sashi at Zellers and like lots of
other people at Zellers and me and Kailey and other people
came closer on the camping trip)*

(./*Help out a stranger)* (Well...that one day in Zellers
when I'd just first started and the lady was so patient
with me and I helped her with her bags and everything and
she said I was wonderful and whatnot and she was so
pleased with me helping her and being curteous. So I guess
that counts.)*

(./*Start a contagious smile)*

(./*Start a contagious laugh)*

X./*Play tennis at Rundle Park (It would be amazing fun if
it was with the gang from grade 9...SUMMER SCHOOL GYM!
haha that was SO much fun!)

X./*Get into shape

---X./*Eat as healthy as possible (I mean it IS summer!)---

---X./*Work out at MP atleast once a week---

(X./*Get a job)* (Zellers. haha)

(X./*Visit Annette at BBR)* (frick yesss! And it was great
fun too! Getting to see old friends and getting to see
her! And just being at camp again was a good time.)*

~~~X./*Save up enough money and buy a car (that all
depends on whether I get a job and get my license though)~~

---X./*Go to Calgary to see Nicole Hanson---(Impossible
because she's not coming to Canada anymore...)---

(X./*Go white water rafting)*

(X./*Walk through a drive thru and order something
(Definately Tim Hortons and order a single timbit))*

X./*Drive a lawnmower tractor thinger

~~~X./*Try to get over my fear of how gross poking your
eyes is and get contacts~~

./*To try to always tell the truth no matter how much shit
I'll be in or no matter how much it hurts

(./*To not lose my temper so fast (such as in Mexico when
John pissed me off and I let even the smallest thing get
to me beceause I'd had a bad day and I just yelled "FUCK
OFF" extremely loud in a supposed to be Christian
environment then stormed away and left most of my friends
in a total shocked silence. The end.))*(At Zellers- those
two stupid lady's who totally pissed me off. But I didn't
freak out at them...until after they left. Then me and
Sarah just bitched them out. haha! But I kept my temper!)*

./*To not let little things get me down ====well I pretty
much failed at this. A customer at Zellers made me
freaking start bawling one day. She came up with all these
packages of juice and just confused the shit outta me and
I was already having such a bad day and making mistakes
and it took forever to get it right and it was so

(X./*Have a water fight with a bunch of people in the
middle of the street)* (lol we had water fights in the
Raft! Wow soakage! And Alex who came up with the great
idea of using the bailing bucket. haha it was horrible
when we LOST our bucket! And silly Grant who lost his
paddle. haha!)*

(X./*Have a huge bonfire and roast marshmellows with a
bunch of friends and just hang out and tell stories)* (We
did that and we sang too during the camping trip!)*

(X./*Go to K-days with a big group of people and go on
lots of rides - take risks)*

X./*To not regret anything I do

X./*Do something daring that I usually wouldn't do

(./*See a shooting star)* (Me and Annette saw lots! And
made wishes too...)*

./*Help out at the Mustard Seed atleast once

(./*Have an intesne DanceDanceRevolution sleepover with
Jacqui, Melissa and Annette.)*(well was just
with Annette and Jacqui...)

I'll add to this list whenever I think of something else
that I want to try to do this summer.

Dreamin' dreams so big they reach the stars**/

Nicole Ashley

()* means I've done it... :D
--- means that I didn't do it, couldn't or that it was
~~~ means that it'll probably be a long-term thing.

***Wow I love how I have such high expectations for
myself. Yippee. lol now after I've done the X thing for
all the things that most likely are NOT gonna happen I
have what like 2 things on my list? YES!

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