Cokepop for the Smartnessment
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2005-06-11 05:41:38 (UTC)

We all work together with a wiggle and a giggle.

Haha ok first of all about the title of this entry- me and
Melissa were working on our Social projects on Thursday at
school (in social obviously) and it involves looking up
lyrics and that was part of a song we found and it was
really funny. So anyways Thursday night I wasn't going to
be going to Youth Group because according to my dad I
always come home grumpy from Church things. Whatever he's
nuts. So anyways. My mom drove me there anyways. I was a
half an hour late but that didn't matter. There was:
Kelly, Roy, Scott, Jodi, Alex, Nick, Josh, John, Alex,
Kailey, Jacqui, me and Annette and I'm pretty sure that's
it. It was a fun time anyways. We played football, swang
on the swings, played Telephone which was crazy and
Cherades which didn't last long and ate and talked and
yes. Then afterwards Jodi, Annette, Jacqui, Alex and me
went to Tim's to see Sarah Stead who was working there.
And that was a fun time there too. haha. Jacqui had a
photo album with pics from Mexico in it and then there was
the horrible picture of me that I didn't even know was
being taken but I was standing there with my arms crossed
looking grumpy and also looking RIGHT at the camera and
the second I saw it I slapped my hand down on it so nobody
else could see it although Scott was kind enough to put it
on the slideshow for the whole congregation to see it.
Yippee. So anyways somehow the binder ring opened and
closed on my arm so it was pinching me and it hurt and
Annette just looked right at me and laughed and I was
like "geez thanks ever so much for undoing me and saving
me from the pain!" But apparently she was laughing at how
fast I was at covering the picture, she didn't even know
about the binder pinching the heck outta my arm. SURE
ANNETTE SUUUUURE... haha. Anyways. So I pretty much sat
there even though Alex offered to buy me an Iced Cap.
even though I don't like them. But lol anyways. It was
still fun. And I included them in my plan of :
1) Having a picnic in the SP traffic circle
2) Buying a really big granny bra from Zellers and cooking
it and then burning it
(ok so you know the Encore song "Numb"? Ok well at this
one point it really sounded like they said "Cook your bra
with the Brooklyn boys..." so I was like OMG!!! So yes
that's where that idea origionated from. The traffic
circle one was from when me and Kayla biked all the way
across Sherwood Park in like 20 mins just to get to
Smiley's to have dinner with the Mexico Group.) So yes.
They laughed at me but we all made it a date. So I'm gonna
make another entry after this one about the things I want
to do this summer to attempt to try to transform a
potentially BORING summer into a very FUN one. Anyways
after Tim's Alex drove me and Sarah home and it was funny.
I told my mom Alex gave me a ride and she was like "Yeah I
heard you guys coming down the street" and I couldn't stop
laughing. Yay for the lawnmower wanna-be car! YESSS!

Then today. Well I had to get ready for school fast
because Ashley Watson was picking me up so we could get to
school early to rehearse our dance for our Musical Theater
group final. So we got to school early and rehearsed and

Social- We were in 216 again where the computers suck and
are incredibly slow. But I finished getting all the lyrics
I need for my project. Now I just gotta write the
paragraph or whatever about why I chose them, write my own
song, and create a CD cover. Whoot.

Musical Theater- All the groups that went today were
extremely good. So many good laughs. My group didn't even
go! Tssh. So we get to present on Monday along with
another group. Then its onto the second part of our final-
singing a song SOLO. ALL ALONE. I picked my song thanx to
the help of my wonderful Math tutor- Adrienne!!!! Yay! I'm
gonna sing "Rainbow High" from the musical Evita. Me,
Kayla and maybe Katie are renting it tomorrow night and
they're gonna sleepover.

Lunch- It was Kayla's last study hall. Whoot! So we get to
eat lunch with her again starting Monday! It was really
hot. Me and Katie ate then layed around outside. Then we
came inside to find Kayla because she gets out of study
hall like 10 mins before the bell rings for the end of
lunch. Then we found her and I felt all left out again.
Because you can't exactly walk with 3 people in a row in
the hallways because then you hog all the room. So they
were both in front and I was walking in the back. But
Kayla wrote me a note. But I still felt totally left out
and I must say that although I tried to not let it - it
ruined my day anyways.

Math- I have a 60%. How amazing is that. But I can't tell
my parents that because it'll drop anyways after I write
the final. So Yes. How sad. I'm actually doing really good
for a class I totally suck at and I can't even brag to my
parents about it. Anyways. So I was down again and so I
wasn't very much fun in Math. *sigh*. So that's sad. But
the good news is we had an assignment that we had to do
then hand in at the end of the class and I did it all and
Katie was like "Whatever I don't feel like doing this part
so I'm not gonna do it" and then at the end of the class
the teacher told us that was a test and we're being marked
on it. So I'm excited because I did it all and I
understood it so I should get a really good mark. And
besides its worth like 30% of the unit we're doing right
now which is Finance. So that's good news. If I ace the
Finance final then my mark will raise again because I
think this unit is worth like 7% or something. So if I get
100% on everything this unit (not likely but miracles DO
happen...sometimes. To lucky people...) then I'll have
almost at 70% in math. Which would amaze the hell out of
my and I just might have to tell my parents about that. I
mean I'm already extremely excited about my 60%. So yes.
And I gave Louie back his "Hockey Tunes #2" CD that I
stole the day he squirted me with contact solution for
revenge. I listened to it and it only had 7 songs on it.
And it wasn't even that good. He said I could keep it but
I gave it back to him anyways. And before I did I
wrote "Huie, Louie and Dewey" on it. haha. Because that's
what his name makes me think of. And so he calls me Mickey
Mouse for reasons I really don't know of. But oh well.

Bio- We had a test that I didn't study for. I probably
really didn't do good. I made up lots of answeres. Oh
well. Then it was basicly a work period and I didn't get
too much done because I was still down and I was really
tired. Also I just couldn't concentrate. So it wasn't a
very interesting class.

Then I came home from school and I was watching TV with my
sisters and my dad and I was really tired so I fell asleep
on the couch. I do that alot lately. I think there's
something wrong with me. I'm always tired. And I like fall
asleep when I get home from school. And my legs REALLY
hurt today. Like really quite badly. And I don't know why.
I don't know what I did to make them hurt. So I'm
confused. So after my nice morning of sleeping in for the
first time in awhile tomorrow, we'll see how the week of
school goes. Maybe all I needed was a good sleep for once.
But I dunno. We'll see. Then my dad and Mich left for
soccer and then my mom went to her game and I came on the
computer and watched Gilmore Girls (frick Luke is
extremely amazing. Lorelai really doesn't know how lucky
she is. I wish I had a Annette. "We're gonna go
to Wal*Mart and buy a Scott (another amazing guy...from a
really good book.) because it would totally make my dad".
lol 'dad' being daY. I just had typing difficulties when I
told that to Annette. So anyways as I was watching Gilmore
Girls I was also talking to Annette on MSN and we decided
to go hang out at the mall and get Mexico people to come
but the only one who could come was Jacqui. So after
getting ready and everything I walked to Jacqui's and then
we were walking to the mall to meet Annette. And guess who
drives down the street at that instant? THE SAME PERSON I
ALWAYS RUN INTO ON THAT STREET! So this black car pulls
over to the side of the road a bit ahead of us and at
first I thought nothing of it and then I actually looked
at the car and I was like "Is that JODI's car???" And it
was. Like WHOA! So she drove me and Jacqui the rest of the
way to the mall and we met Annette in the food court. Lol
I'm probably the worst person ever to go to the mall with
because I always see a million people I know there. I
won't even bother listing all the people I saw that I knew
because there was lots. lol I'm not even lying. And then
just as the mall was closing we went to Sportcheck to see
if they still had the hot pink nike sports bra that Katie
has and that I have to get the same of for our victory
dance when we win provincials. haha. And they only had an
XL and I was like urgh this isn't gonna fit. Oh and when
we went in I saw Rob Whittacker and I was like "Are you
guys closing?" and he was like "yeah" and I was like "Ok
hang on though. Do you guys still have the hot pink nike
sports bra?" and of course being a guy he didn't know. How
pathetic. So I found it and he just kinda stalked me
because he wanted to find out what I was talking about.
And so I found it. And I was like "Well that's stupid. I'd
never fit in an XL!" and he was like "Yeah you would." and
so I was like "Yeah 5 paris of socks later..." haha! So
that was pretty funny. And he was like "Why are you
looking for it? Do you even have any money?" lol what a
mindreader. I had like a whole dollar. So that was a funny
time. Then Annette's mom came and picked us up. And she
dropped us off at Jacqui's house becaue I said I'd walk
from there. Because my house is totally out of the way
from their house. Besides it was really nice outside. Then
I came on the computer and wrote this and I'm talking to
Chelsea now. I was talking to Grant but not really. I was
like "Hey Grant!" "Are you really maybe moving to Sherwood
Park?" and he was like "ahhhh!" "g2g" "bye". So that was
sad. I guess I shouldn't have asked him that...but it'll
be pretty exciting if he does move here. Because he was
like one of my best guy friends before, well, the Mexico
Mission. The only reason we aren't exactly best friends
anymore is because well the whole holding hands on the bus
and everything and we were so close then he flirts with
EVERYBODY and that definately really hurt then he got
together with Jacqui afterwards and all the time I had to
pretend I was all happy and everything so I wouldn't ruin
the Mission for everybody else. So anyways. Enough about
that. So tomorrow early morning my mom, dad and Danielle
leave for Red Deer leaving me and Mich here. So it should
be a good time. lol. Living off KD and total junk. Good
stuff. But I think I might want a salad. So whatever.
It'll be fun. But I'm gonna go make my list of things I
want to accomplish this summer. So I'll go do that. Later

Love forever and always,