Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-06-11 01:44:33 (UTC)

To: Amber. From: Kevin.

Fuck. I'm sorry you had to find out liek that.
I regret not telling you, and I'm sorry you had to hear it
from Doniven.
I just couldn't bare to tell you. I'm horrible.
I promise, it won't make a diffrence. I'll come down as
much as I can. And every holiday, you can bet I'll be
right there with you. Don't worry.
Things change. We all know it. I'm ... so sorry.
I love you mroe then anything else in the world. I will
never forget you no matter how far apart we are.
Amber, you aren't just another girl. No matter how much
you say it, it's not true.
Amber, I love you more then life. I'm only here for you. I
love you. No other girl can take your place, and that's
why alot of girls have turned me down. Not that I like
them in the first place. Lol.
Don't cry. I'll always be there to ... shove french fries
up my nose for you. Tha tsalt went pretty far up there.
What the hell was I thinking?
Actually, I know what I was thinking. "Amber is sad, I'll
do whatever it takes. Even if that means twitching
everytime I inhale."
Ha, rememebr that time when we went swiming in April. Ha.
How could you forget? And I felt up Doniven.
Smiling yet? I know I am. That was fucking funny.
I don't expect you to smile. I vow to spend every minute
that I have left with you. I'm not leaving.
I love you. Things are going to be Ok. Promise.