Helpless mosochistic love
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2005-06-11 01:02:46 (UTC)

Nothin goin on

My life is boring the freakin hall out of me. Summer sucks,
I miss the school enviroment, I slept over at brandons, I
didnt actually sleep though, got home at 4 45 I think. But
ya, I miss him. I hardly get to see him anymore. But enough
of my bitching and moaning, I dont know why but Ive been
having emoitonal breakdowns lately. Just sit there curled in
a ball crying my eyes out. Matt called me though so I cried
to him then almost fell asleep. But im good now, I always
feel good after crying. I dont know why but I do. And I got
the coolest presesnt in the whole world from Brandon. Its a
journal. Its got a dragon on teh front, carved out. And it
looks like its mad out of some stone but its wood!! ^.^ its
real awsome. Espeically since ive been writing lately. Its a
handy dandy little thing 4 me!! Anyway lifes boring, Megan
is gonna die, I miss brandon, thats the jist of it!!

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