Torrance the Vamp

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2005-06-10 22:07:12 (UTC)

My life is boring!!!

5 days of school left. It's friday thank god because I am
so tired. My alarm hasn't been waking me up all week so I
have been like soo tired. I have a final on monday and my
last "final" on tuesday I really only had like 3 finals
this sememster.

I was in one of my moods today. I was like depressed but I
am not sure if it was an I want attention depressed or a
don't wanna talk depressed. I confuse myself all the time.

Thought of the Day:

It is finally hitting me that it's the end of the year. I
don't know how I am gonna live without my friends and
certain people for 2 months.

Wait if I do Cross Country that won't be a problem. And I
will also be doing drivers ed. Sweet