Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-06-10 18:11:12 (UTC)

heh everything I never expected

He's following his dreams. He's doing the right thing. So
why does it hurt so much?!
Kevin is moving to Alberta. He's going to some big shot
studio for his music ... he's going to a university for
music anyways ... all the way in Alberta. I can't take
this ...
He's leaving at the end of June. Heh ...
"You don't know what you've got until it's gone"
That's becomming so hackneyed familiar and almost FUCKING
It too true .. I hate it.
If I had have known this sooner ... I would have made this
month the best month of his life ... but I didnt know ...
I didnt know. There goes my theory of taking nothing for
granted, huh?
I .. just thought he'd always be here ... I WANT HIM TO BE
Everytime I think of him leaving ... all that comes to
mind ... is ... him shoving french fries up his nose when
Im sad. Singing when he;s nervous or frightened. Making
people laugh and cheering them up. Standing up for what he
believes in. Showing people that there;s more to life then
just ... nothingness. Always being there for me. Holding
my hand when all the lights go off, 'cause Im scared of
the dark. Lending me his sweater when its just too cold.
Making us go swimming in the winter just because it would
be fun. Protecting me ...
I ditched school today. I know its not like Ill never see
him again ... and that this is for his own good ... But I
cant stop the tears. Once one falls others follow.
Ill miss him. He'll be doing great ... wrapped up in
college and parties and record deals and girls and such.

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