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Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-06-10 16:29:00 (UTC)

lyrics! =)!

Hmm ... Ive discovered some lyrics of papa roach that
really ... entwined me, in a sense. They're like linkin
park in their ability to song write. I can relate to
almost everything they put on the paper. So, I've decided
to copy out osme of their songs, and give a short
explanation on WHY they relate to me. Or if I just think
they're super kool amazingly awesome!


I will foregive but I wont forget
And I hope you know
That you've lost my respect
You better watch out
If you don't know what's going on around you
You better think twice
Before you fly off the handle and lose it
You better join us
Before you get lost in the shuffle
You got to rise against
The demons that are going to try to hold you down
Does it run in your blood
To betray the ones you love
Does it run in your blood
To betray the ones you love
The ones you love, the ones you love, the ones you love.
'Cause I'm not a pawn
For you to play in your fucking game
I've got dignity
And a dream that I want to achieve
Under pressure you crumbled
And you let me down
I'm not deaf and all I hear are your empty promises

Well, that's all the lyrics before they repeat. I don't
know why ... But it just reminds me of something. It
reminds me of ... when I tried breaking up with Nik ...
and was hurt by ... the things I thought I'd never hear
him say. Kade ... was ... angry in a sense. Ha ... Angry.
And whenever I hear this, it just reminds me of Kade ...
wanting to do the same to Nik as Nik did to me. Or worse
knowing Kade. Love yah man!

Not Listening.

I'm not listening not anymore
The more I learn the more I ignore
I'm not listening not anymore
The more I hear the more I ignore
'Cause you gotta be bigger
And be faster
And be stronger
If you're gunna survive any longer
This life time better be the right time
'Cause your first time might be your last time
AM I a failure
If I've got nothing to lose
No Im not a failure
I've got something to prove
Because I've lost my innocense
And I'm a stranger
A life changer
I'm a man that;s not afraid of danger
I walk my own path
I blaze my own trail
Because I'm not afraid to derail
I won't get in line
And be the middle man
so fuck you! I've made my own plans
I've got respect
And I don't neglect
The people who I really care to protect
Am I a failure
If I've got nothing to lose
No I'm not a failure
I've got something to prove
I told you before
I won't listen no more
I told you before
Let's settle the score!
If not me then who?
If not now then when?

Hmm, this song reminds me of ... all of the crude comments
people throw out at me so carelessly. I can't say I'm
bullied, or that I'm not bullied. It is bullying in a
sense I guess. To walk down the hallways and get called a
freak by people who don't know you. Well, they have to
understand that I have my own ways. I won't follow the
crowd like a sheep, like they do. I want to be the
sheperd. I'm leading my own life, I do my own thing, and
they have to accept that, or just fuck off all together.
Because I wont be the lemming to follow the others over
the cliff to my death.

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