slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-06-10 20:21:43 (UTC)

sub diary 10-06-05

good day all,

what can i say? last night was pure magic for me and i have
decided to write the letter for Master so He can have a
hard copy of the results of last nights orders.

i woke happy and bright this morning, ready to start my
day. i floated into work with a big smile on my face,
causing my staff to giggle and whisper about what the hell
i am up to lately. they all know i do not have a male
friend in the flesh to make me so happy. they are aware of
my special friend that i chat to online but none of them
know that He is my Master who i am to spend enternity with.

i didnt think my day could get better but at lunch time i
received a phone call inviting me to a business conference
down south this weekend. i had to make the decision as i
knew Master was at a meeting of His own and would not be
contactable. it was a offer to good to refuse so i said
yes. i left work early to pack my bags and then waited for
Master to come online. i was nervous about telling Master
but i shouldnt have worried as Master understood my
prediciment and agreed with my decision to go. He trusts me
but is worried about men taking advantage of me while i am
out of my comfort zone. i have promised not to drink
excessively and to act in the same manner i would if He was
with me at all times. this weekend is all expenses paid for
in a luxury motel. days will be filled with stategies for
small business owners and the nights will have some more
fun activities but still controlled. we will have some free
time but i am unsure if we have our own rooms or we share.
i hope i have a room to myself. when i arrive i will know.
there will be someone at the airport to meet me.

got to go flight leaves soon.

i will write my diary if i can get to a internet cafe or

i love You Master,
slave jess {MJ}

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