Problems; But life will go on.
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2005-06-10 02:08:55 (UTC)

Long time no.... Type?!??!

Wow! I really haven't written in a long time. I'm not
really sure what the last thing i wrote about was either
so i guess i will just fill in everything that has
happened recently.

I Graduated from High School on May 29. I thought that it
was going to be sad but it wasn't really. Mr.Grasser spoke
and i thought that it wasn't going to be very good but it
ended up being wonderful. I had my party with 10 other
girls and that turned out well also. There was so many
people at the party that i had to run around the whole
time just to say hi to everyone. But it really was fun.
I'm out of high school!!!! :)

Lets see... what else has happened? Oh, i got the darkroom
set up in my grandparents basement!!!! It is up and
working and i'm really excited about that. I'm hopfuly
taking pictures of all my friends on June 21st!! (the
longest day of the year!!)

Since i wrote last i have registered for my fall classes
at Augie!! I was just looking at them today and trying to
figure out all of the requireds that you have to take. We
have to have a year of another languge and when i was
there i tested out of a semester of Spanish! I was so
excited, although i really really really wish i would have
tested out of the whole year. I really dont want to take
spanish. So i decided today to see what my other options
are. I could take French or German for a semester... yet i
dont think that would be a good idea. I would be better
off just taking the 2nd semester of spanish and getting it
over with...and "learning" some stuff that i have already
learned. But while i was looking i found another way
around spanish. I could take Sign Language. I have always
wanted to take sign lang. So now i have to call Augie
tomorrow and find out if i can really take it or not. I
figure that they might just only let the people that are
going into some major with sign lang to take it.. I'm not
sure. But i'm really hoping that they will let me take it!
Plus it fits better in my schedule then spanish!! So yeah.
I'm rambleing.

My dad has started college again and he is taking a music
class. Our house is usally filled with different types of
music that he is learning about... which is alright
becuase i like music... but it is just kinda weird. Like
right now i'm listing to his music becuase it is over the
sound system! hehe Crazy parents!

Speaking of music, i started community band on monday. It
was pretty interesting. There was 4 other percusionists.
Carol, whom is my bros god mother and was the one that
wanted me to start. Shary, this lady that is about as old
as carol but is really nice and i really like her. AN old
guy, i cant remember his name, but he is kinda mean. He
always plays the snare drum. Everyone around him switches
but not him. He yells at people when they talk and he is
just really weird and kinda mean. And finally a girl that
is a junior in college. she is also nice but she thinks
she knows everything. But i enjoy have a mostly girl
percusion section. we have two more rehearsals before our
first concert. It is really exciting because we are
acually really good! :) Yeah

I keep trying to contact a guy at augie to see if i can
get into the pepband. I would really like that and i'm
pretty excited about that to. But i have 16 credit hours
and i dont know if i will be able to play. But the dude i
hear was nice so maybe it will work out.

Now that nick is home for the summer things seem pretty
good. I'm not to sure what i'm going to do when i head off
to college. I kinda want to start all over with
everything. I'm really not "attached" to many people and i
figure it would be a nice time to just start over. I know
i will miss nick, but we will be 6 hours apart anyways.
I'm not sure if i should break it off or not. He knows
that i want to date somebody else before/if we get
married. But to me it is way to early to think about
getting married. I'm only 17!! :) What should i do? Break
up with him or have a long distance relationship... again.
Neither sound promising or good. *Sigh* Atleast i have a
couple months.

Rachel is driving me nuts! I haven't seen her since
kristins bday party on the 1st but just the thought of her
drives me crazy! she just expects me to develop all of the
pictures that i took of her and drew and give them to her.
I dont know what to do. it is my paper and i dont want to
go buy a whole bunch just for her! *Sigh* Also she was
so "depressed" all year because Drew wasn't here. And you
know what she told me 2 days after he got home? She told
me that she was sick of being depressed and that she
wasn't going to be depressed anymore. As if she could just
turn off her depression! aahhh. I know how it feels to
have a person you like being across the country from you!
I wasnt being mean to people and being "depressed" all the
time! Oh well, i'm getting myself mad.

Well, i should get going. This entry wasn't so good. Just
kinda a recap of everything that is/was going on. If
somebody by chance is reading this you might be more
entertaied by a different entry that i wrote. Try
the "love tryangles" or something. Tell me what you think.
Anyways. Until a later time...