slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-06-10 09:47:59 (UTC)

sub diary 09-06-05

good day,

i had a good day with nothing out of the normal happening.
i rose early, made sure everyone was fed for the day then
i actually went back to bed to read a magazine for a while.
the day was drizzling with rain and i didnt feel much like
gerting up and working but i did and the day progressed.

i was hoping Master & i could chat for a while when i got
home from work but He had sent me an email explaining He
needed to work later than He expected. i logged in anyway
and He was online. as i said Hi to Him he sent me what was
to be an offline message giving me special instructions on
how i must carry out my nightly bedtime ritual tonight. i
cant wait for the added instructions to be done. Master has
told me i can email, post or even send Him a snail mail
letter on the results. i am unsure right now what i shall
do. i will sleep on it i feel.

must go i have a few things to do before bed then i must
follow Masters orders to the letter. ~big smile~ thank You

i love You Master,
slave jess {MJ}

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