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2005-06-09 22:01:33 (UTC)

Size Matters

So, the fear-time passed. The red faded to pink, pink faded
to a slight degree lighter, and more than color, a
difference in texture; still raised and while not rough, not
as smooth as the whole of the breast surrounding and
supporting and serving up the pivot point, the focus... the
thing that threatens to over-come and take-over and devour
my life —until shortened.

Yesterday morning, eyestightshut,a reluctant investigation
revealed —a decrease in size— accompanied with the slightest
hint of tint and a barely detectable uneven surface...
producing a sigh of relief; followed by a feeling of shame,
and foolishness.

Foolishness, to allow emotions to run off willy-nilly in the
night; when there is not an iota of influence at hand,
capable of changing, what is, at hand.

Shame, over a lapse in faith, fed by doubt.

Look at the positive side. Stand firm in the decision made.
Either way this goes, there is an option or two.......
proceed with dignity, or fall apart, or give-up without a fight?

Dignity is looking better all the time. Looking good enough
to fight for. You’ve access to the Source of power.... ask
for power... fight for life... believe in what you believe
in; seal it with trust and faith and thanksgiving and
know that it can and will happen.

Remember what your goals are and focus on them. If you are
unsure, ask and it will be clarified. Stay focused on the
right and true. Be sure that your intentions are pure.
Sustain a forgiving heart. Meditate on everything that is
good and righteous.... think of others, with a merciful heart.

Feel the pressure lift. The tension release. The fear
disappear. Allow yourself to calm down and spend time with
Him. Cherish that place... that space... that presence....

........ and know it will be okay, either way.