Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-06-09 20:11:51 (UTC)

To: Amber. From: Kevin.

Yeah, if not for Nik, you wouldn't have been able to type
that. Not that you would have been dead, but that was alot
of blood.
I went home with a blood stained face, and blood shot
eyes. Grama thought I was up drinking and got into a
fight. Lol. I'm not THAT irresponsible. ... No comment.
And yes, I was singing Perfect Day. I was scared. Lol. I
find my own voice soothing. Lol.
I was talking to myself as well, and I'm glad you don't
rememebr that. Lol.
How are you feeling now? Are you Ok?
---Sigh--- I worry too much. I cleaned off your mirror for
you. Did you notice? Lol.
Well, I better be off, I'm at school.

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