Mia, the complainer
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2005-06-09 19:18:30 (UTC)

Graduation & Formal

Hey! OMG OMG OMG! I am offically out of that hell hole!

Ok, so yesterday was Graduation ceremony and
Twas fun fun fun!
After graduation and lunch at Uno's the girlies and I went
to Bubbles to get our hair done. Well, cept' for Mandi who
let me do her hair. (It actually looked pretty good!)They
all got up-do's. Betsy and Megan looked like princesses,
esp. Megan with her model hair. Carly's looked a little
poodley until it fell a little and then it was really
pretty by the time the dance came around. The first guy who
did Lauren's hair made it really spiky and she didn't like
it cuz it really didn't go with her dress and her hair had
been like platered strait...blech. So then, the girl who
did my beautiful curs (tee-hee) fixed it up for her and
bascially kept it the same but made it more curly/delicate
and it was 10x better.

Umm, we got dressed at Lo-lo's house.
I walked into the bathroom in my bra and shorts to do my
makeup and everyone thought I was sucking in cuz'my ribs
were stickin' out. :)
Yeah, so the rest of the night I was eating to show them
i "wasn't anorexic." I started freakin' out that I would
gain weight, but this morning I weighed myself and I'm
still 96.0...whew...and I only had one meal today and I
musta burned some good calories dancing last night...

So the formal was so much fun! I danced like the latina I
am the whole night long. I danced so hard my feet started
to bleed...dead serious. haha. I had to ask Mrs. Peterson
for a band-aid. K
Kyle asked me out, I said yes. I really hope it's not like
all the previous times I've said yes and dumped him in two
week.ahh! I don't think it will...I also don't think I'm
contagious anymore ;)...more on that later
Umm, yeah I had a TON of fun dancing my ass off last night.
At the end there was a slide show made by Molly's brother.
It was friggin' awesome,but I didn't cry watching it like I
thought I would, but the second the DJ played that "I hope
you had the time of your life song I started bawling like a
baby. I didn't realize how mucH I was going to miss
everyone esp the people I was relly close to when I was
like 6 and 7...:( I was hugging everyone and just bawling,
and making those loud crying noises. Mr. Gordon gave me a
hug and said some of the sweetest things anyone has ever
said to me. *bitersweet*

Slept ova at Lauren's with the sexy cinco. *smiles* We were
up till 5:00 am. CRAZY!
Now I'm at home. Kyle's having a party later tonight and I
really wanna hook up with him considering out relationship
has been so off and on for the past two years that we
haven't even kissed! I know..what the fuck. So um, Yeah I
gotta go get ready for that cuz we are leaving at like 6:15
and lord knows I have to go take my walk and then shower
and then decidew hat to wear Oh my goodness I am so slow
gettin ready.
well, i g2g
luv ya biatches

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