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2005-06-09 11:17:39 (UTC)

Stupid but Weird

My friends and I went to an area where they had
encountered "eerie occurances" once along time ago. It was
my second time going there and still once again I did not
see anything happen (I was halfheartedly wanting something
to happen...for some stupid reason).
The only thing I encountered once I got there was this
really immense feeling of loneliness. Not the kind I've
been welcoming when I'm at home by myself and being really
lazy, but the kind you feel when there is no one else on
the earth and you are the only one left alive.
Logically, I knew my friends were right there. I knew
Leslie was with Chris searching for anything weird and I
knew Kate was swinging on the swingset nearby. But, I felt
alone...I knew they were there but I couldn't feel there
presence...if that makes any sense...(¬_¬)
I was sitting on top of some cement block that was on top
of a vent thing(yes, very descriptive isn't it). Anywho, I
got on top of it and just sat there. For awhile I watched
Leslie walk around a cement block to the right of the one
I was sitting on. Then I watched Chris and Kate walk
around. I even played around with the green marble that
Chris brought along to keep myself busy. But after awhile,
I got tired and sat there with my eyes closed (no I wasn't
dozing off, but I felt like it). Some more time passed and
then the feeling came, the immense loneliness. I didn't
really know how to respond to it. I also didn't know how
to respond to not being able to sense my friends there
eventhough I knew they were there. I mean I couldn't even
hear their voices or hear them walking on the grass
anymore. I tried to snap out of it by standing up a few
times and looking around, I thought I heard whispering but
it was really just the cars zooming by in the street
beside us (damn paranoia). When I sat back down, the
feeling just came right back even after I tried to shake
it off. I got really confused, because now not only could
I not hear my friends but I couldnt even hear the cars
going by. I was sitting there, head on my knees and I just
started rocking back and forth. Then faintly, I began to
hear someone calling me. It was Chris calling my name. I
stopped rocking back and forth and looked up. He said we
had to go because of something he saw near the playground.
I felt really out of it but I just went along and got off
the cement block. It was all probably nothing...I don't
know. It was just weird and it just seems like something
stupid to me. But...still weird and it made me feel out of
it for the rest of the night.