Loser In The Making
2005-06-09 01:09:35 (UTC)

nothing really..

im bored. and still grounded. but im allowed to be on the
computer right now because im like soooo good and i got my
mom to let me get on the computer. and im supposed to be
grounded till the end of school but this friday i wont be
grounded from ANYTHING! tehe. so happy.

Every body kept hitting my arm, kicking my leg, poking me,
calling me a whimp. and everything. they also kept pushing
me because i cant stand on my left leg for a long time and
they liked laughing at me i guess because id start to
fall.. odd.. people can get so weird sometimes. i dont get
it but whatever. i dont care.

Today was like.. drama day i swear. durring first lunch
david was all like.. off in lala land. and i was trying to
get him to snap out of it but he wouldnt. then he left. and
durring 2nd lunch he asked me to skip with him but i told
him i couldnt. and durring 6th period he came into class
told me what he did and i asked him what was wrong durring
lunch.. and he showed me his arm and i asked him why he did
it he just said he was depressed. i asked why.. he just
said that he was having a depressing day for no reason.
(sounds like me lol) and durring 2nd lunch i was hanging
out with emily and we see anton walking around with his
head down and when he came near us it looked like he was
really upset and like i said (in a joking way not knowing
the situation was serious) "need a hug?" and he like
attacked me and hugged me and like.. started crying. he
didnt start crying right away so i started laughing.. (like
i said.. not knowing the situation..) but then he started
crying and i stoped laughing.. i feel soo bad. he started
shaking and i made him sit down because it was scaring me.
i guess that his girlfriend (ex girlfriend) broke up with
him yesterday and he went to go talk to her durring lunch
and she said she didnt want to talk to him or see him.. or
nothing. its so sad. and i feel really bad for laughing.
its so sad!! and he fucking tried killing himself. i hope
he doesnt. id be sad if he killed himself. anton is a
really good friend. and i love having him as a friend. hes
really awsome to talk to when im down. he may yell at me
for doing stupid things. but hes still awsome.. i hope he
doesnt do anything stupid tonight and that me and emily got
through to him, id miss him so much if he left this earth..
i really hope he doesnt....

Your Boo.

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