Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-06-08 20:41:53 (UTC)


AHHHHHH! Theres a freckle ON MY ASS! How the hell does
that happen??? What the ... I mean really in the name of
frosted flakes, why is there a freckle on my ass!?
Aw well, at least no one will see it ... unless theres
somethign I dont know about.
Im so thrilled about the papa roach CD! Everyone is
envious! MWUAH HA HA!!! =D!
Today, Jamie didnt know what the word "hypocritical"
meant ... so Alex explained in an alex way.
Alex smacked shaine up across the head and yelled "JAMIE
DONT SMACK SHAINE!" ... It was very comical actually! I
dont like any of them so seeing Shaine get whapped was a
high light. Pretty sad day, eh?
My face is COVERED in vasilene. BLAH.
We're making masks in Mme 'Molest-me's class. (Gelespie)
Well Im partenered with Lexi. And we decided that I was
going to be masked first. Whoo hoo!
Well, so that the plaster didnt make me eyebrow-less, we
had to rub vaseline all over my face. GROSS! Now Im not a
ditz ... but that was so gross that it was FUN!
Andy was laying beside me getting his face plastered when
they were doing it.
Lexi was suposed to put the vaseline on me ... but she
didnt want to, because Andy pointed out how it looked like
semen, and then he declared that it was homade. Yummeh.
So yeah ... Yehaw Toddlers! My face was LUBED! YAY!
Aparently ... Im going out next weekend with Andrew, Jess,
and Ravon.
Heh, might do me good to get away ... again. Not that it
did me good last time ... but I still had a blast!
Thats when I started having that whole .. doubt thing ...
And I almost lost Nik ... I still dont think he was too
keen on taking me back ... heh ...
Ha ha ... When Nick sprayed bugspray on my nipples and
called me nipples all night. Ha that was great!

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