jerry gonzalez

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2005-06-08 19:23:15 (UTC)

New ideas

You know i never thought of this word if it can occur to
me once again this year. But it now came up to me once,
that maybe i'll have a better much life from now on
forward till i grow up. But many things will differ on
until my senior year which can be very different. (The
only thing i hope it's for getting a date for prompt). But
which matters, is that i'll be missing so much my mom for
all of this in which i'm going to do now so i can get on
along with my life toward this year. Man i really can't
wait to meet these freshmen during marching season plus
the upcoming trip to new york. Plus my summer trip to las
vegas, damn yeah for party times on casinos. Hope i get to
see someone outhere like movie stars-(definitely)!!!!! But
damn really, going to two bad ass trips ever during the
summer plus one for the school year will be so azaam. New
ideas have came up for me to continue but i'm really going
to miss my important person who will always gave me the
love plus my birth-MOM!

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