Joronas Temnra

2005-06-08 01:28:00 (UTC)

End of a Year

Not Samhain, not New Years.. but it's the end of a year
tonight nonetheless.

Tomorrow is the 22nd anniversairy of the day I was born to
this life.. and why does it seem like my birthday's come
early and late both?

Stupid question. Last year didn't feel like my birthday.. I
didn't feel a sharp pain in the heart, didn't feel like I'd
been kicked. Today I do.. and it's not even my birthday yet.

I don't even see anymore. I haven't seen the child in
months. If someone was to ask what I wanted.. it'd be that
back. Just the to have a daughter someday. Not that I can
tell the people who'd ask.

It doesn't matter. How can it matter? I am what I am. I am
who I am. I just wish I didn't feel so battered and bruised