Cokepop for the Smartnessment
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2005-06-08 00:16:05 (UTC)


haha that's totally what I just called GraNt. Yes I am
talented thank you very much.

So I'm sad because my favoritest zippy-uppy hoodie is
DEAD. The zipper doer-upper part FELL OFF and I am
DEVESTATED. Yes I know it is tragic. Very.

So we had chicken noodle soup for supper. But now I'll
tell you about my day as I watch America's Funniest Home
Videos which always makes me laugh uncontrollably. Good
stuff. So here we go...

Social- We wrote both of the exams. In total it was 60
questions. Mr. Huie told us the answers to 12 questions
because they were worded badly or had like more than one
answer or something. So that was pretty cool.(OH MY
GOODNESS. On AFV there was like the achey breaky heart
song and all these people singing/dancing to it and there
was some extreme creepiness and funniness. Ok I'll
continue on now.) So on one of the tests i got 78% and on
the other I got 70% which is pretty good because instead
of studying last night I watched "A Shattered City- The
Halifax Explosion". So yes. My social mark is at 81% so I
can exempt it! Yay!

Musical Theater- We worked on our dance. Yipee.

Lunch- Me and Katie hung out together because Kayla has
study halls for being late in the mornings. Geez Kayla! Me
and Katie ate then we went to Mrs. Forsyth's room to look
at our Math exam's that she totally failed and I got 57%
on. So wow that was a thrill.

Math- We had our practice final. I didn't study for it.
haha. Not that it matters much anyways because it only
counts if it beats one of your exam marks. So if you
bombed it it really doesn't matter. So that's good news
although I don't think I did TOO bad on it. After I
finished there was like 20-30 mins left in class so I put
my head down on my desk and fell asleep. It was a good
sleep even though it was short.

Bio- Well I got 70% on the Excretory exam that I most
likely didn't study for. Wow I'd probably do really good
at school if I acutally studied once in awhile. I had like
95% in Social back when I actually studied for the tests.
lol whatever it's not like I have horrible marks anyways.
So anyways then we watched some of a movie. "Don't Cry
Wolf" or something like that.

And that would be the end of my ever so thrilling day. I
came home and read some more of "Sisterhood of the
Travelling Pants" and yup.

Hmm. Ok so Chelsea and Kayla B.'s msn names got me sorta
thinking. But not really because I probably don't even
really think. {All's fair in love and war}. That is what
it says. But is it really? I don't think so. How is all
fair in love? Exactly its not. Half the time people like
people that don't like them back. Is that fair? No. People
use other people and that's not fair and half the time
people are too scared to do anything about their crushes
which isn't fair either. How stupid. And war. How is
ANYTHING fair in war? You don't have the same weapons, or
the same way of thinking or the same of anything! Yeah
like that's totally fair. So you see. NOTHING is fair.
Nothing. Never ever. And it's impossible for anything to
be fair either because everybody's different and things
can't be fair when things aren't exactly the same. You can
get close to fairness but its completely impossible to get
totally fair. If anybody disagrees or has any points
they'd like to share I'd greatly appreciate it.

HEHE GILMORE GIRLS IS ON!!! Oh boy. Lorelai isn't wearing
any underwear. Haha. Alexis Bledel is so pretty. I'm
excited. I love that show! And you know what? Today in Bio
I found out from Nicole J. and Turney (Matt Turnell) that
the Gilmore Girls I watched just afew days ago about Rory
dropping out of Yale and moving in with her grandparents
was the SEASON FINALE. Now I'm sad because I really wanted
to find out if Lorelai and Luke are gonna get married. Cuz
that's how it ended. AND NOW I HAVE TO WAIT A WHOLE YEAR
TO FIND OUT! Honesly! And I missed the Gilmore Girls
yesterday. I totally didn't know that it was on channel 34
at 6 EVERY SINGLE DAY until yesterday. So I missed the
episode where Lorelai gets mad at Rory because Rory didn't
tell her about her first kiss. I kinda wish I woulda seen
that one. Now she's totally flirting with some guy in a
totally ran away and defainetly stole corn strach. How
wierd. And she said "Thank you." Who says thank you after
you kiss them? DEAN? DEAN KISSED HER? Haha. That was a
very unexpected kiss. No wonder she ran away. I probably
would have too. And she's really excited. Because he's
definately hot. Hey maybe this is the one where Rory
doesn't tell her mom about getting kissed. Because she's
totally debating it with her friend right now. Haha that
must be some precious corn starch. Rory just totally put
it on her dresser and smiled at it. And Lorelai is sitting
on the floor in the kitchen with all the food from the
fridge surrounding her because there's something wrong
with their fridge. Oh boy Laine's mom just totally told
Lorelai about Rory getting kissed. :S uh oh. lol. But I
should go now. I have soccer soon. Oh and Katie just
signed onto msn. Finally sombody to talk to. Even though
there was like 18 people online I wasn't talking to
anybody. lol. But later.

3 Nicole

Maybe I should go hang out around Superstore or something
and maybe if I'm really lucky I'll totally luck out like
Rory. haha! But I read somewhere that when you look for a
boyfriend one doesn't show up and when you're not looking
it just randomly happens. How stupid. So I'm officially
not looking. Besides I don't know if I really want a
boyfriend anyways. How confusing. I know I do, but
sometimes I just don't. What stupidity. So I'm done
thinking and I'm done looking. Haha. We'll see how long
that lasts for!

Oh boy. Lorelai totally invited Dean (who kissed Rory)
over and now Rory's all mad. lol. Let's see how this turns