Flying on broken wings
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2005-06-07 23:52:34 (UTC)


Dear diary,

Yeah, yeah, I know my spelling sucks, but hey, I'm happy.
Well right now I am just really hyper on Cok'e and can't
really find the time to go potty. My dad will be home soon,
so I know that I have to do as much as I can before he
calls me down, and all that good stuff. Lets see, what was
I going to write again? Oh thats right, to Bliss, I wish
her the very best with what is going on! Yes, I am a blond
diary, I haven't really read all of her entries, but I am
going to read them tonight. That is if the caffeine holds
out, I think I have had to much today.

Out of randomness, I think I have found out why Taylor
dumpped poor Lang. I think that it was because of the fact
that he is going gay. He was talking about "Gravitation"
today at lunch with Cody and I. I know for a fact that he
doesn't like Cale, but now that really worries me, who
could it be? I know that is not for me to know, but you
know it hurts when I see others cry. Then again I am just
one to want to know, and help if I can. Even if it hurts me
in the long run, so what? Friends mean more to me than
anything in the world. Well I think I will ask him flat out
tomorrow to tell me the truth why he dumped Lang. She is
such a sweet girl, she doesn't need to be hurt. I wonder
how she is doing now, I should really call her sometime...
after I have cleaned my room and find my phone book.

You know what diary, yes I know this is off the subject
again, but it's on my mind. I am really going to miss
Koona, Murdock, Stubby, and Lita/Kite... they are my best
friends in all the world, and yet here... now I leave them.
They have all grown up and finally graduated. They are all
off to college, and off to do what makes them happy in
life. I know that oneday we will all meet agian, but right
now I am just hurt that they are going. They are like real
family to me. I mean I know that Jess really isn't but when
she is Koona, she is my family, she is my cusion. Then when
Karl is Murdock he is my grandfather... and Stubby is just
John... a great friend that is always there to make others
smile. Now Kite/Lita.. she is someone really specail, she
is like my sister. Her boyfriend 'Big boy' has been like a
brother to me, and it wasn't untill I saw him stand up for
me when I didn't even know what was going... did I see what
he had been doing all those times. Kenith might have bugged
me all throughout my High school years... but now I see
what he was really doing, and for that I have Kite to
thank... I just wish I could have seen it myself before it
was to late...

-Amy -6:51PM

( dad's home, sorry to cut it short)