Flying on broken wings
2005-06-07 23:24:20 (UTC)


Dear diary,

I know how Laura feels now... and her brother, though I do
not have a fire escape to run down and be gone forever. No,
I just have my room, and the window that I look out every
chance I get. I am tired of all this fighting, it's not
going anywhere... but just one more year, that’s all that I
have to get through, then I can run away. I can move out
and get myself a life of my own. I wont have to sit here in
my room and hide away from all the yelling. I don’t like to
say that I hate my parents, for I know deep in my heart
that I don’t'. It's just when there is so much fighting
going on around me... and such words- I just have to give
up and say enough is enough. I have gotten out of the house
at night before; it's not that hard to do, it's just that I
don't have the heart to. I know that my parents are going
to break up, and I don't think that I really have that much
strength to keep myself under control that long. I mean, I
am not an adult yet, and yet I am. I know that it doesn't
make since, but I am an adult. My brother Harry calls me
mum, and that feels really good. Yet, what is that saying
about our real mother? I don't know anymore, I mean that
she- dinner bell hold on.

Great . mum is in the pool lounging, oh well. Five
minutes then I have to go back downstairs and check the
dinner again. Gah this is crazy, I even know how to pour
whine now without spilling one drop. I can't even drink the
stuff yet! ~Sigh~ "Life is funny, life's a mess. Sometimes
a mess sometimes a blessing" Oh I love that song... hehe,
oh well all happy now. Well at least until my dad comes
home and I have to run around doing things for him again. I
think that when I get out of here that I want to sell
myself off as a maid. Ha, that would be cool. I mean it
would be no different from what I do here at home. ~Shrugs~
It would also be away to get away from the yelling and
hating of this house. Soon... that’s all that I have to
think. That or just run away with my little baby (brother)
now, and never look back... No I could never hurt him that
bad. I think I will just keep up my act as the happy
helpful daughter just a little longer. Just to keep them as
happy as I can, and keep my brothers out of the fights they
have. That reminds me, I should really clean up my room,
still need to make my bed, and it's almost time to go back

"I've seen a lot of places, been around the world"
something, something... "God blessed Texas with his own
hand!" haha! Yeah... I've been here to long. =^-^=

-Amy -5:58 PM

CRAP! I FORGOT ABOUT DINNER! ~Runs off~ Or not… just