Mia, the complainer
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2005-06-07 22:00:55 (UTC)

Formal Eve

okay, so I'm officailly 96 lbs, and have offically lost 10
Mom weighed me this morning...grrr...time to start the
water loading when I'm not wearing baggy clothes

Grr, I guess I look skinnier or Mom wouldn't have weighed
me, but I don't feel any skinnier. I just feel kinda flabby
and I would really like to have muscle instead of fat. RAR!
To make things work I was trying to prove to everyone that
I DO eat so I totally binged. Flying Fudgeballs!

Tomorrow's the Formal and I really don't want to look fat,
so I'm only eating soup so it runs right through me and I
pee it out...nothing that will stick to my ribs and poof my
stomach out. :l
So I got my nails done today, and may I say they look
purty! French manicure, babay! haha.

I have another play to perform in tonight. Aye chi-ma-ma.
So much to do, but I'm really freakin out about Kyle and
Jess's pool partay on Thurs. b/c I have to wear a baithing
suit and I really want to look THIN THIN THIN! Esp. in
front of my skinny friends.
Sue me.
I'm vain.

Adios muchacos!

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