attempt 2

Inner Workings of a Broken Mind
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2005-06-07 20:22:08 (UTC)

She's not anyone

business studies was probably the hardest exam I've ever
done. I was kidding myself that it was going to be like
GCSE's. pfft. 1st paper was ridiculously hard....and the
last two were pretty hard aswell.....I say hard....I
actually mean too damn short! you cant write much more than
2 paragraphs for each question, when you need to write about
two pages. ah well.

ooo, big news! (for me anyway) My Kite arrived! mmmm.
Flexifoil Bullet 5.5m

I got my mum to take me to ainsdale....I set it up...and
then realised...'shit, theres no wind'....I was just about
to pack it away, when a nice guy, but huge came over, and
offered to help, showed me how to shorten the break lines
etc, and then just pulled the handles, and the kite took
off! in 3mph winds. You couldnt even feel the wind, it was
crazy...and he was getting dragged along, and said I must be
crazy to have a 5.5 as my 1st traction kite. hehehe. He only
has a 4.5, and thinks thats enough for him. Anyway...I took
over and bloody hell, it was like holding the back of a
train! So, I know not to take it out in winds over 10mph, or
I will be murdered.

I'm going to buy a landboard next though, because im sure to
get some damn good speeds from it. so yeah, thats all good.
my arms are aching, but thats ok....I might go again tomorrow.

And onto other news. I've done 3 hours of philosophy
revision today, which has given me a headache, which I will
get some paracetamol for in a minute. I've realised ive left
it all too late, but I'll survive. Plato isnt actually that
boring, and I found out that LOTR has been copied from a
greek analogy! shock horror i know!

I've given up on metaethics because the pages upon pages of
that damn book were so boring and stupidly detailed. I do
need to know the details, but come on! make it interesting!

I'll carry on reading that book tomorrow though....and take
a gander at a few ICT notes for thursday...not that there is
much to remember. I'll just put my common sense cap on for
that. And all of thurs night will be spend on
philosophy....and by 1pm on friday it's all over! (general
studies doesnt count). w00t! which means......I have a whole
week, yes, a whole week with my new loverly kite!

lol, yes i know, youre all thinking im obsessed- yes I am.
But thats ok, because it doesnt concern you! so nerr!