The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2005-06-07 20:11:52 (UTC)

School's Out!

Dear Diary

Oh my god! It's finally over! I graduated last Friday! Yay
rah! lol. It's actually a lot of fun. Joey got to come up
here! I was so happy when he showed up Wednesday! I haven't
been that happy in a while. He doesn't understand how much
it meant for him to be at my Graduation. oh well...I showed
him about um...maybe 15 times! LOL!

Anyways, school's out and Im home. Yay, not. Mom and dad are
already on my nerves. It's gonna be a long ass summer! I
can't wait till I start college. Atleast I may be starting.

Joey and i had unprotected sex all this past weekend. Ya
know what's really scarey? I hope I'm pregnant! Yes! I hope
I am pregnant! If I am, I'll be moving to Florida in
September. If I'm not, We'll just have to try again later I

Not much else has happened. I'm on a search for a job.
Woohoo! Can't wait. I've applied different places. I may
jsut end up working at McDonald's or something. I tried to
do this sitter thing but, there were no parents in my area.
That sucks! Oh well.

Well, I'm outtie. I"m watching Aiden. He's been REALLLY sick
for the past day or so. He had a temp. of 103.8 yesterday.
Scared us half to death. He's down to 98.5 right now so,
that's really good. I'll write back when I can.


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