Wo ist Amanda?
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2005-06-07 17:11:23 (UTC)

Atlanta, GA to Branson, MO and back home.

I'm in Atlanta, Georgia at the moment. I sort of HAD to
go on this family car trip across the damn country. It's
lasting a whole Anyways, my aunt and uncle
live here in Georgia. So, I'm here for a week. Then
we're off to St. Louis, Missouri...for another week. Then
a long, long, long drive home to Cali. And the sad part
is, I am so hooked that I had to bring a month's supply
with me to stay sane and calm. Yeah, and the even sadder
part is that I am almost out and we still have three weeks
left in the fucking trip! How horribly pathetic is
that?! However, I must say for myself that I am not the
stereotypical "tweaker" that everyone who doesn't know me
must think I am. I DON'T steal, lie, cheat, or flip out
on small things. I am the stupidest "tweaker" ever. All
the people I hang out around say that I don't belong there
cuz I am not like them. Yet, they supply and I
demand...or is it the other way around? Hmmm..., anyways,
I will most likely be ok after I run out of shit...but I
am most afraid of me gaining back all the 45 pounds I lost
in the last two months. Then none of my damn clothes
would fit again and I would get all fat-depressed again.
There's no winning. Quit, you say? Oh, if it were only
that easy! You wouldn't, neither do
they. I am alone. That's starting to be okay...I accept

May (formerly known as Amanda)

P.S. Oh, happy birthday to me. May 15th=my 19th
birthday. Big whoop. Not dead yet. *rolls eyes*

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