2005-06-07 08:51:59 (UTC)

Red Promises

The red patch is larger this time. I wish I could figure out
what the trigger is? And if there is anything I can do to
stop it; or prevent it; or reverse it? Is it simply its own
cycle? Or do I bring it on in some way? Is it related to
food ingested? Is it related to chemicals created when the
body goes through some particular emotional or physical or
mental experience? No doubt, these are questions asked
before by those who research or work in this venue/arena/
profession/school of thought —including the one who experiences.

When this occurs is when fear is heightened. Doubt rears its
ugly head. The fight begins, the fight to resist the fear
and doubt and not allow it to get hold. Resist the negative
thinking. It surely cannot help, in the very least. No way.
Still is the concern that to put this into words will only
give it power and allow it to develop a life of its own.

Words are powerful. The Word is powerful. The Word is God.
Nothing is more powerful than God. That is the focus. That
is the Truth. Truth is God. God is Truth. If I focus —as I
must— it will be as it should. I am promised promises that I
know are kept. There is One place to be sure of. One place
Trust. I shall receive my promises either here or there...
it matters not.

Even though it might not turn out the way I might like to
think that it should. The way that I might think is the best
way for me. The way that I might think it should be might be
the one way that would be ultimately disastrous for me. It
truly is in God’s hands.

Red is a powerful color. He shed His red-Blood for me, us,
you. Yes, you too... you who thinks he is so intellectual...
scientific... and wise.... a teacher, perhaps a professor,
so very good with words and yet still so very, very, lost.
No one is going to tell you otherwise, because if they
attempt too you will not hear... you are deaf and blind and
dead to the Truth... standing firm in your unbelief and
reveling in your life without sin... your life without Him!

We think we are above such things. We think such things are
fun and exciting because they are —for a little while. We
think we get away with such things. We think we have no

( S = sincerely..... I = in..... N= need..... )

when we are sincerely in need of Salvation....

......every single one of us!