Soul Flares
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2005-06-06 23:39:08 (UTC)

A step on breaking ground

I'm getting kind of worried about the whole Kiki having an
abusive father thing, I'm just not sure what to do . . . I
tried talking to Trent yesterday at chruch, I figured he
might be able to help me, but he just told me that for child
abuse type stuff I should talk to ryan. I guess I didn't ask
him quite right I mean I asked what I wanted to know, but
not all I wanted to know. I wanted to know what to do if I
THOUGHT someone might be abusing their child. But not if I
really should try to do something, or just wait it out. I
mean Kiki's mom KNOWS, so shouldn't she do something? Maybe
she is, maybe she's trying to get full custody of Bubby and
Johny, maybe even Kiki and Chris too. Maybe. That's just it
though, I don't KNOW. And I don't know what to do. I think
next week I'll pull Trent aside and ask him what he thinks I
should do, because it's just not something I can really ask
Ryan, I mean he's a new father, his wife is having their
first baby girl. So how could he tell me to wait, and even
if he didn't could I trust that it was what I really needed
to do, or was he just saying that because he didn't want to
imagine a father beating his own child? I mean I guess
either way I should probally say something . . . but how? I
mean if an adult already knows then shouldn't they do
something and not me? I'm . . . just not sure anymore . . .
I talked to Trent once, and I can talk to him, so I will
talk to him again next week about what he thinks I should
do. He can help me, can't he?

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