enter my train of thought
2005-06-06 17:23:26 (UTC)

Graduation Stuff

Bronchitis, anyone? I've now been sick for 8 days and
still feel like crap. I'm ready for this to be over. I'm
not interested in going through every one of my graduation
activities feeling weak and sick, as I have done with
Senior Day, Senior Night, and Baccalaureate. So I have
resolved that I WILL be better before the IB dinner
tomorrow night. Or else.

But despite being sick, things have been fun. Senir Day
was cool, because all the guys clean up so well. My only
regret was that my camera battery died and so I only have
one picture from senior day, but at least it's of the guys
being silly, which makes me laugh. It still hasn't really
hit me that that was my last day of high school, ever. I
mean, last night (sunday) I realized that I didn't have to
be dreading monday and returning to school, because I'm
done, but I guess somewhere still I feel like I'll be
returning to high school for another year of the same this
fall. So even after graduation on friday, I don't really
anticipate actually accepting the fact that I'm done with
high school until, say, I move into my dorm. Maybe then
it'll hit me that I probably won't ever see the majority
of my high school friends again, and that it won't be the
end of the world, and that looking back high school will
seem like a pretty silly period of my life. Anyway.

Senior night was interesting, getting to walk across the
stage three times,doing all the stuff that senior classes
do at the end of the year. OF course, talking to people
afterwards was the best part, except when I was on my way
home and realized that I should have put more time and
effort into seeking certain people out, because that was
the last time I'd really see them (non-IB people). I mean,
although Baccalaureate was cool, there were a lot of
people that weren't there, or at lot of people I didn't
get to talk to that much because they were singing. And of
course I'll see everyone in IB again tomororw night. But
my few friends that aren't in IB? I kept telling myself
that I'd see them at graduation, but it hit me on my way
home that night that graduation was not going to be this
big social scene, that we're gonna chat a little
beforehand, graduate, and pretty much get out of there,
since most people have family deals. So I guess now that
I've realized that, my last hope is to catch a glimpse of
some of those people at random graduation parties. On
Saturday I have four to go to - Kathryn's, Laura's,
Karen's, Jen's. I'm not really sure yet how all that is
going to work out, I'll just have to go with the flow. And
yesterday at Baccalaureate Stephen invited me to his,
also, but its on the 17th from 6-10, and I'll probably be
in a hotel room in Atlanta by then. That's the first day
of our big vacation. I don't even think I can outline it
here, because it's too many cities and hotels and I don't
even know many details. I know it's Atlanta the first
night (June 17), then somewhere in Mississippi where some
of my mom's relatives live, then three days in Dallas with
my mom's sister, two days in San Antonio, a day in Mexico
(which we dont know yet where we are going to cross the
border, my mom is still trying to find the safest place),
a day in corpus christi (on the gulf of mexico), then up
to houston for a day, i think little rock arkansas is
next, then somewhere else i cant think of, then
springfield illinois, then indianopolis, then two days in
canton with one of my three uncles that live there,
whoever wants to house us, then up to rochester NY, for a
few days and the fourth of july celebration, then finally
home on July 6th. Whoever said vacations are relaxing
never took a vacation with my family. We all need
vacations after our vacations. But anyway, it should be
fun, visiting lots of new places. Then its back home for a
few weeks hopefully full of work so I can make some last
minute money for college, which will start sooner than I'm
ready for, I'll bet.

But anyway, before I get to any of that, I have to get
through this week, which is going to be crazy enough. All
while being sick, I have to go to work tonight, IB dinner
tomorrow night, work wednesday night, graduation practice
thursday and company thursday night, graduation friday,
and graduation parties on saturday, and probably work on
sunday. And in any spare time that I may have, I'll be
expected to clean to get ready for company on thursday. I
think today I'm excused from housework, but my mom
laughingly told me the bronchitis excuse won't hold out
much longer, because they need my help in cleaning, since
no one else is here during the day.

speaking of which, i have some jobs to do, and some
errands to run, although i might put off some of the
errands because if i do too much ill exhaust myself and
then it will be a miserable night at work. I never
expected the symptom of bronchitis that I have the hardest
time dealing with to be the complete lack of energy - I
seriously spent the weekend sleeping, when I wasn't at
work, church, or Baccalaureate. and I'm contemplating
taking a nap before work tonight, too. so enough with this
sickness stuff already! I need my energy back, I've got
places to go, things to do, people to see!

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