Dynamik Dimensions
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2005-06-06 14:14:06 (UTC)

Missing her in dreams

I don’t know why I’m writing this, well besides the fact
that I had that very weird dream last night, but I guess I
should just take this time to tell you how I’m feelin
right about now. I miss you so much. During my dream
last night I realized how much so. When I was standing on
my balcony looking down at yall, and I realized who you
were, my heart just about exploded and my first instinct
was to jump off the balcony to catch you before you left.
I was seriously gonna jump thinking that I could handle
the third story fall! When I caught you, we had the
simplest conversation, but there was a communication
beneath the conversation that still has me thrown. I
mean, I’m hanging on to the side of a moving vehicle
talking to you about your game, never taking my eyes from
yours, while something else is happening I can’t explain.
And today I can’t get your face out of my mind. Is this
just loneliness? Since we adjusted our relationship, I
have been two-thirds of a man. Part of me is hoping I can
find the rest in God, but in the back of my mind I wonder
if you are my missing part. I am so excited about living
there, and honestly I want only to get closer to God, but
am I subconsciously hoping to find our love again? I know
we will re-capture the friendship we once had, but even
then, did we not secretly wish we could share something
more? Lord help me! Sunshine I love you
more than I could ever express in words, and these months
have not diminished that. I pray we both find peace in
the end of this, no matter the outcome. God bless you,
grace be unto you

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