The Moth Diaries, Poetry
2005-06-06 09:34:58 (UTC)

Poem 56- My Tapestry

black tapestry hangs in the night
woven by the hands of mother venus-
carefully and seductivly cast into glittering threads
by her spindly thin fingers.
she drew her life into that sheet of desperate cloth.

all who set eyes on this masterpiece, shudder
they weep and fall when it becomes clear that the woman
died into it.
she poured her spirit and body to this delight,
the beauty and the decite of a life time wasted.
but when he walks, steps up to her artistic design
with his mind extending out to her,
the path is complete and he signs his name next to hers.

i walked past that tapestry one day,
noticed how he finished it off, wrote his love into her life
even in death they are together,
just like that song playing over and over in my head.

sometimes as im lying in bed,
i hear that tapestry floating in the wind,
i hear the slap of canvas as it hits the wall-
and the sigh of cloth when the threads slide together.
i wonder if its all true?
i wonder if the life was a lie?

© Lucy Griffin June05

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