Daroon's Journey To University
2005-06-06 03:05:47 (UTC)

And So It Begins

Ok, let me explain. For those of you who are followers of
the diary, i decided to start again as i had almost ceased
writing in my 'old' one and felt rather than pointless
entry after pointless entry, that i needed a reason to be
doing this. For those of you who are new or just happen
to be reading this at random, WELCOME!

Well, i'm, for all intensive purposes, Daroon. 18,
girlfriend called Hayley, no job, disabilites, at sixth
from studying Maths, Physics and Biology. Basically i
want to keep this as a record of my experiences at uni and
trying to get there.

Well i'll try and keep the first entry breif :P Right now
it's 4:00am 6th June 2005. Tomorrow i have my
first 'final' A Level exam, it's a maths exam (P3) and
it's the hardest module of maths i've ever done i think.
Being the IDIOT that i am, and never learning from my
mistakes, i foolishly left ALL my revision until saturday
just gone (two days ago - it's now early monday morning).

So basically, my revision plan (which an from about a
month ago until the end of my exams, about a month from
now) has gone out the window, and i'm left with on average
3 days between each exam, hence three days to solidly cram
each subject i'm taking. Altogether i have EIGHT exams.
To top it all off i've been putting less and less effort
into my work as the year has gone on, so you'd expect my
grades to have slipped, and this year is the last year
before university 'top-up' fees are brought in, so if i
don't get in this year, i'm gonna have to pay about
three/four times as much for tuition fees next year.

Basically in my mind i don't see how there's anyway i can
get the grades i need to go to uni, but i can't imagine
myself doing anything else but being at uni next year.
That makes no sense but it's the way things are.

I'm up so late/early because one of my disabilites effects
my sleep/makes me exhausted from doing next to nothing.
At the moment, this means that i am shit tired but can't
fucking sleep when i go to bed... perfect... Especially
as i need to be in school tomorrow to revise with Andy,
and if i get no or little sleep tonight, it means i'm
gonna be nakered tomorrow, when i have to take the hardest
maths exam of my life *sigh*. As you can tell this diary
is not going to be largely positive, lol.

Well, i'd better try get some sleep, God knows i need it...