Dragon Eyes And Angel Wings
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2005-06-06 01:55:38 (UTC)

Chili Dog From Hell - AW

Last night I went out to the park with Dave's friends
(even though it was raining and there was no covered area
and nowhere to sit and we all had a couple drinks. Dan and
Russ were already hammered (like obviously hammered) and
they told us stories about how they beat a muskrat to
death with a couple sticks. There were a couple guys there
I didn't know but they seemed kinda quiet (or at least in
comparison to the others). Russ and Greg told us about the
two half-natives they brought home the night before and
how they were too drunk to really see straight. Then they
got on the topic of fucking fat chicks and how one guy had
told them that as long as they don't get naked it's
awesome. Then Russ showed us all that he could puke. This
is about the time he let us all know that he had to take a
crap. Dan came up with a brilliant plan fot Russ to crap
in a hot dog bun and bring it back to where we were all
standing. So Russ took off with the buns. Like 5-10 mins
later he came running back empty handed saying that the
smell was too much for him to take and he had to leave the
bun but since he went to so much effort to shit all over
the bun (or the chili dog as they were now calling it) he
said we all had to go look at it. Since I was the only
girl there, I was the only one opposed to the idea. So we
all braved the rain to walk all the way across the park
(it was a long walk) to look at the chili dog. So the guys
took turns looking into the guys bathroom at the bun while
I stood in the rain. After a while back at the site we
were occupying the guys realized that we had to get out of
there before they closed the gates (and forced us to clean
up all the beer bottles and exploded cans of spray paint)
so we went to some guys house for a bit and they all
wanted to go to a bar or out somewhere after. Finally we
left to come home and enjoyed some peace and quiet..
trying hard not to think about the chili dog from hell.

-Angel Wings

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