What's On My Heart
2005-06-05 21:11:01 (UTC)

Good Times

Hey people!

Life is goin pretty awesome right now! I got a call from
someone who brought up some pretty sweet memories. Let me
just give ya'll some details about some wild nights I've
had. Here we go.....

One night (last summer) my friend and I got crunked off our
asses. We were with about 4 guys. The night started off
very of the guys of course got us drinks
(that was nice) and then all went down hill from
there. We drank and drank and drank! After all the
drinking was done, we were gone. Me and my friend went
upstairs to go to sleep. She and I were tryin to get the
guy's attention cuz we wanted them up there with us. So,
She goes, "Get me something to throw." Me, being wasted,
could only lean over the side of the bed and reach for
someone's deodorant stick. I grabbed it and gave it to her.
She busted up laughin and throw it as hard as she could to
the ground. No one heard this time, she and I
couldn't get ourselves to calm down, when from downstairs we
drunk and half asleep. The t.v. downstairs was on and
someone on the movie blew a trumpet and he screamed at the
t.v. to stop the horn. LOL!!! We couldn't do anything
after that!

Then, a few months later, me and my friend met her b/f and
his friend at a hotel near my house. Again, gettin crunked
off our asses, we couldn't stop laughin. (We're good
drunks...not mean ones!) Well, my friend, her b/f, and
myself crammed ourselves into a bed while her b/f's friend
slept on the couch. I couldn't find the fuckin' ashtray cuz
it was pitch black and I found it....accidentally knocked it
over and it shattered. (NOTE: There was a wall dividing the
area where the bed was and where the couch was.) My friend
pops up and screams "ITS OKAY!" while the guy on the couch
screamed, "CHEERS!" LOL! Damn, good times.

That same weekend, I kinda got sick. I ran into the
bathroom. My friend came with me. We sat against the wall.
The wallpaper was covered in triangles. They started
popping out at us. So, I was like, "Look girl, they pop
out." And I leaned in and hit my head on the wall. She was
laughin and goes, "This is you." And actually did it
herself. I was laughin so hard, I hit my head again. Damn,
I love memories!!! LOL! Aiight, I'm done. I'm gonna be
quiet. Maybe some more good times will be told later.