my life...itz alright...so far...
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2005-06-05 17:39:58 (UTC)


well it's been forever since i've written in here. i've
been so busy. well now i'm over nick. completly. i hate
him now actually. he's stupid. i can't believe how much he
hurt me


now i have someone new. his name is kevin. he's the best
ever! and this time i mean it! he's always there for me.
it's been about 3 weeks with him now. and everything is
perfect. he's in nebraska now though. that gets me mad. it
was so hard to say good-bye. i couldn't do it but w/e.
it's alright now. we e mail and call for now. but when he
comes home, i'll be so excited. well i gotta go now. byez

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