Loser In The Making
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2005-06-05 06:17:24 (UTC)


well im going out with travis now.. and like wow. hes so
awsome. but like.. i promised myself.. PROMISED!! im like..
totally falling for him. and im trying not to show my
feelings, because then we'll get even more involved and
shit. and just.. i dont know. i hate getting hurt that
thats what always happens. ill think things are going
great, then something will happen.. and just yeah. ill get
hurt. i thought that i could finally go out with someone
again and not get hurt. but i just get attached. ksenias
right. i should be more like her and not really care. but
its so hard for me. im not like that at all. i get attahed
and shit, and all blah. i dont know.. i really really like
him and being with him. and i LOVE being in his arms lol. i
feel so safe, so away from things that are going on in the
world. like theres nothing that can harm me. like whenever
im having a really bad day, i just want to go to him and
cry, even though i dont like crying infront of guys, i just
want to go to him and just cry and tell him what happend
while he holds me in his arms. i dont know.. i feel like a
lil middle school girl right now.. ugh.. whatever..

Your Afraid Boo.

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