Autum's Leaves
2005-06-05 04:18:04 (UTC)

My Middle.

Graduation came and gone. And you know the one thing I
retained from it, that will stick with me, is something
one of our speakers said. There are certain occurances
that we all remember in our lives, the first's and the
last's. Our first kiss, our first dance, first day of
school. Our last kiss with someone special, our last prom,
our last day of school.

My firsts and lasts it seems have all come so close
together. I remember my frist kiss, in the fifth grade
playing spin the bottle with one of the most popular kids
ever to go through our highschool.

The first person I really loved, who was also the last.
The frist heartbreak, and knowing that we'll never know
when the last one will be.

"Is anybody headin in my direction? Away from the city.
Anybody wanna change the way they feel, step inside.
Dosen't really matter where you wanna take me, away from
the city. I wanna start again....I wanna start again...I
wanna take it back, I wanna start again."