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2005-06-04 18:29:41 (UTC)

West Ed Soccer Tournament

ok so I'm just gonna keep adding all the tournament resuts
to this entry instead of making a new entry after every

Saturday, June 4

8:30am- So we played against Calgary. They weren't even
all that good. And the thing is is that my team is Tier 4
and we're playing in a Tier 3 tournament. So anyways we
beat them 2-1. And half of our team was hungover which was
pretty funny. That'd be because it was Sal's safe grad
last night and since most of our team's graduatin and they
go to Sal they partied all last night and got totally
wasted. So yes. Calgary was quite a pushy team and #9 was
a major bitch. She got carded for tripping Jo or something
and then she bitched to the ref about that and attempted
to punch Jo, then for some reason she wanted to fight
Kristy and then when my team had a corner kick she took me
out in their box, and her being twice my size, I went
flying and because of that I got a penelty kick. She
abosolutely hated that. She was like "Oh yeah because its
my fault she's a little midget" and I was like laughing so
hard inside. If I would have even laughed outloud I
probably woulda had my face punched in. Not that she has a
good punch or anything. So either way I got my penelty
kick and as the ref was getting everybody behind the 18
yard line I was looking at the goalie and then looking at
the top right hand corner of the net and trying to
convince her with my eyes and body language that that's
where the ball was gonna go once I kicked it. Of course I
wasn't planning on actually doing that because that'd just
be plain stupid. So when the ref blew the whistle I ran
towards the ball and kicked it directly into the lower
left hand corner just as I had planned. And it worked.
And it was beautiful. My first goal of the season and it
was the winning goal in a T3 tournament. Of course neither
of my parents was there to see it but that didn't matter.
Anyhow so we won our first game. But I have another game
soon so I'm gonna go. Later!

3:30- We played against a team from Saskatchewan and they
had the most horrid uniforms ever. Orange jerseys which
would have been fine if they were wearing black shorts and
socks but no. They had bright blue shorts to go with the
ensemble and white socks to top it off. Either way we won
5-0. Katie scored. I didn't like that team. They enjoyed
pushing. And I fell twice. And this one chick had already
practicly ripped my belly button ring out so I was pissed
off at her and so I was just going for the ball and
shoving everybody off the ball and then I dunno our feet
collided or something but either way I think I broke like
every single one of my toes on my right foot because it
hurt like hell and I actually fell down again and I was
very near tears but instead I got up, caught up to her,
stole the ball and sorta shoved her outta my way and
slammed it up the field to my team. Carmen says she enjoys
when I'm mad because I play better or something. Anyhow
that is pretty much all that's interesting for that game.
Afterwards my parents took me and Katie to McDonalds
because we had a deal going: If me and/or Katie scored
they'd buy us fries (haha I wrote friends :P ) because
we'd had a craving for some ever since our first game. So
since Katie scored and I scored last game we got our
fries. And I also got an Oreo McFlurry. So I have another
entry to write because there was other interestingness for
today however its not soccer related so it doesn't belong
here. Tomorrow!!

Sunday, June 5

8:00am- Yes what a brutal time. I could hardly drag myself
out of bed at 6:15 this morning. Part of that is because I
stayed up sorta late to watch Ray with my parents and
Danielle. But then I got tired and I thought it was never
gonna end so I went to bed at 11:30. Yes I know that's not
late for a weekend but when you play lots of soccer you
NEED the sleep. So anyways. I did drag myself out of bed
and into the shower. Yes I was going go to get all gross
and sweaty anyways but I really needed to be woken up. So
anyways me and my dad and Katie made a pit stop at Tim
Horton's where they gave me the wrong donut so I ate it
anyways even though it was chocolate and I didn't really
want chocolate. So we drove out to the west end and I
don't know why I'm telling you all this because that
doesn't even matter. We played some Edmonton team from the
west end. I forget what they were called. We beat them 5-
1. So now we're in the gold medal round. I think we play
my indoor Tier 3 team (Mike Karoly's team). I hope we win.
I'd love to kick their asses. Too bad I have no energy.
Also after the gold medal game my team has a league game.
Talk about death. I know I'll be going to bed early
tonight. Watch me end up finally going to sleep at
midnight too. Yipee. So due to extreme exhaustion and the
two games taking up the rest of my day/night I might not
beable to write again until tomorrow. So I'll write when I

2:00 (Gold Medal game)-Yes it was against Mikes team. I'm
sorry to say but they really aren't all that good and I'm
glad I don't play with them anymore beceause well I never
actually liked that team. Like everybody on it seemed to
hate me. Anyways it was a really close game. It ended as 2-
1. Yes...they won. That's the first game we've lost all
season. But oh well. So we got silver. Not bad.


p.s.- So last game (the one against Mike's team...) Kristy
was sitting on the sideline because she was off and it was
really hot out so she was just sitting there in her sports
bra and spandex and then Carmen called for a sub and
Kristy was going on and she forgot what she was wearing
and almost ran onto the field like that! Then she
remembered and grabbed her jeresy and pulled it over her
head and ran onto the field pulling on her shorts.
Everybody was laughing. It was definately funny. Haha
great times with my amazing team! Yay!

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