Rants Of Angel
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2005-06-04 12:59:21 (UTC)

decisions to be made:S

Well i did think id be happier at my mothers but i was
proven wrong :S my mum asked me to come home last night
and i am really considering it atm.
it was the whole grass is greener on the otherside or
summut like that i think.

so i am weighing up the good with the bad for the moment
but anyway i can finally smoke infront of mum and pete it
feels so weird :P

Iam very happy at the mo and ill be even happier when i
get a job, i did get offered one last night as an
apprentice joiner apparently they earn like £30.000 per
annum so thats something to decide.

Meant to be going to a wedding doo tonight but i doubt i
will be going i might just sack it off and go ste's :P i
love it there i feel really at home which is great but i
wont say too much cause then hell think im getting all
soppy :P hey hunnie xx

atm im recovering a hangover so ill speak later on with
latest news on my hectic life :P

have fun eating raw monkey brains

Angel x