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2005-06-04 03:44:12 (UTC)


Haha I'm watching Gilmore Girls right now and Luke was
signing papers and there was a bike race going on outside
and apparently there was a big hole in the road and the
bike riders kept shouting "BIG HOLE!" out to warn the
bikers behind them and it was annoying the shit outta him.
It was quite funny.

So I just came home from a walk like I dunno 10-15 minutes
ago. I walked to the Craigavon Park (yes I took the way
that passes Ben's house because I'm stupid and I was
walking in the middle of the road, who knows why, and a
car came along and I was listening to my discman so I
didn't hear it and it drove around me but that was sorta
tricky because I was walking right in the middle. So I
sincerely hope Ben was NOT looking out any windows at that
point in time because it was incredibly embarassing. Yay.)
and swung for awhile then I walked into Heritage Hills,
around the lake and then home. And I definately saw the
coolest thing while I was walking into Heritage Hills.
There was a man, about 50 maybe, and he had a bag (like a
plastic safeway bag...that kind) and he was enjoying a
nice evening walk. But the really cool thing was that he
wasn't walking home from the grocery store or anything -
he was picking up garbage. I don't know why but it
definately made my night and it sure made me smile. It was
definately neat seeing that some people still care and
that they're trying to make the world a better place for
others. So that was definately a highlight of my night.
Other than that it was a nice walk. That's all I really
wanted to say. I went on the walk feeling all sad and
depressed and I just really needed to get away and the sad
thing is that you can't really get away when you live in
like a city/town/whatever Sherwood Park is now. There's
houses everywhere. You can't ever be alone. So that sucks.
I just need to find a place where I can be alone for
awhile. But that's gonna be hard. So anyways. I didn't
feel as bad when I came home. But I think I'm gonna go
now. I've decided that I really like Gilmore Girls and its
one of my favorite TV shows. lol. Rory wants to drop out
of Yale because her boyfriends family hates her and his
dad totally tore her down about her wanting to be a
journalist and he said she doesn't have what it takes. So.
It's very interesting and after I'm done watching it I'm
making a rootbeer float and I'm very excited about it.

Tomorrow morning I have to get up really early because my
soccer team has a tournament in West Edmonton and Katie's
picking me up for our first game (which is at 9:30) at
8:20. So I'll write again as soon as I can. Good night!

3 Nicole

OMG MAJOR UPDATE!!!! Ok so Gilmore Girls just ended and it
ended up with Rory dropping out of Yale and moving in with
her grandparents for awhile. And then at the very end
Lorelai went to talk to Luke at his restaurant and she was
talking to him and telling him about Rory and then he came
up with this crazy plan to get her to go back to Yale and
she was just looking at him with this amazing look on her
face that I just can't describe but I dunno it was a
mixture of hurt, sadness, amazement, confusion and love
and I dunno a million other things and then she
said "Luke...will you marry me?" AND IT ENDED! I CANNOT
amazing. And that was the major update I found so
important to say and I think I might just go make my
rootbeer float now and find something else interesting to
EXCITED! haha maybe there will be another update coming up
soon. hehe. Later!

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