Soul Flares
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2005-06-04 00:04:26 (UTC)


I fear for kiki, I've said before that I am, but now even
more so. I know I should call the cops about what I've just
learned, that Kiki's father held bubby, her little brother
underwater, hit him on the head, and punched him. Only I
have no proof of it but that Kiki's mom said it happened,
and that her father has anger problems. Other than that I
have no evidence that it happened. At the same time I want
to trust Kiki's mom to do the right thing, to call the cops
and save her children from him. Only to do that is to send
Kiki away to live with her in california. I don't want to
loose my best friend, but I also want what's best for her,
for her and her brothers to be safe. I don't know what to
do, I know what I should, but I'm not sure how to do it
without solid evidence. I don't know what I could say, or do
that could help her.I think for now I should trust that her
mom will do what's right, but what if she does nothing? What
if she leaves Kiki, Chris, Bubby, and Johnny to stay with
him, in so much danger. Kiki said that if she ever SAW him
do anything like that she'd call the cops, but she didn't
acually see this happen. Her mom know's which means most
likely when bubby was home with her he told her. Only if
she's still done nothing then how can I just wait for her to
do something? How can I just sit her and leave her to be at
that house with her father who could try to hurt her at any
moment? What kind of a friend am I that I can't, and that
Cori can't. How can we just sit by and wait, but at the same
time, how can we try to do anything?

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