Hollow Years
2005-06-03 13:34:12 (UTC)

I'll try to kiss you if you let me

Okay so today is okayish. i had a really wierd dream last
night i didnt really like it i will tell it
It's very short..
Dont laugh linzi :P..welll anyway i was ice skating with
ppl who i had never seen before in my life..then i saw
simon and he asked me go get something eat with him so i
did then my cousin(sara)'s old best friend nicola and
steven came up to him and said they were bored can we go
and watch a film in your room :S and then i think i just
tagged along lol and we were in a lift and we still had ice
skates on lol and i fell and then i met simon and i woke up
not being able to breathe! lol it was horrible i like
nearly died lol.

I think i am going ot just revise and watch The OC today :)
quite a boring day but oh well... i'm not going out all
weekend sooooo the whole weekend will be..

steven not the one who is going out with lynda the other
one who hate said i looked pissed off all caf :S i was
probably just giving him evils lol muwhahaha god i hate him
he thinks he is so good and he's not lol.

Well anyway im bored ao i am going to go bye-de-bye

Song: A Thorn For Every Heart - Pretty When You Cry
Mood: Fine i suppose

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