Hollow Years
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2005-06-03 00:11:02 (UTC)

It broke my heart It felt so good to see you

Lol i was talking to Nick before and i said yeah caf can
get boring sometimes and he said..

Nick ECW is bk 4 one night stand 12.06.05 o yea!!!
hey have a ginger biscuit says:
me n u should meet up instead if ya want

lol no way :P

Erm yeah anyway it just made me laugh...I like Luke and its
annoying me i wish i didnt like anyone i dont want to like
anyone because it makes life so much easier. I want a
summer of not liking anyone. i especially dont want this
summer to end uo like last summer even though i loved last
summer i didnt like how at the end i found myself crying
all the time and gettin depressed over a lad nope
definatley dont want that i mean im only just gettin over
it lol.

I am really tired and hungry but i cba moving i should
really read or go to bed but i dunno sumthink is stopping
me i would tell you what im thinking it is but i relaly
dont want because then it would become real and its not its
just in my mind and i will just forget it..

Anyway night night sweet dreams Xxx

Song: Silverstein - November
Mood: okay