Hollow Years
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2005-06-02 22:50:29 (UTC)

This is your life Are you who you want to be

Okay so things are okay in life and im quite ermm *Happy*
yeah happy i suppose.
I told Adam i like Luke by accident tonight oops i really
hope he doesnt tell him...

Well anyway it was caf tonight i enjoyed it i suppose i
felt drunk though and i wasn't...People said they liked me
hair...I saw simon havn't seen him in a while i expected
him to ignore me to be honest i wouldnt of really minded if
he did as i am quite over that now but anyway he didnt he
said hello hugged and how are you as usual that was it
didnt see him all night. Kind of made me realise how much i
am actually over him now though because before i would of
actually tried to make convosation instead of walking of
and probably would of looked for him but i actually havnt
thought about him until now..well i do still think of him
every so often i cant quite stop that yet but im sure it
will get better i mean it's got to hasnt it...Anyway i
decided too unblock him because there is no point in having
him blocked really because i dont talk to him anymore and
having him blocked means i feel something for him to care
which i do because i will always care but not enough to
have him blocked i feel okay with everything now which
makes me feel better and its like if i unblock him he's no
different from anyone else now. even though to me he kind
of always will be...

Changing the subject..It's nearly greenday :) Also in
november MCR are going on tour :) can't wait. Andru is also
making me go watch NIN lol but i dont mind i will just go
because it is in the Apollo and i love the Apollo because i
can get drunk and then im sleeping Andru's :).

I'm quite hungry might go and get somethink to eat. i have
been eating loads lately and i need loose wieght for my
mums wedding really..

I think i am going to go and read my book because i am
quite tired and bored and starting to go into thinking mode
and i so cant be bothered lol.

ERmmmmmmm i might right a song first

Song: Lindsay Lohan - Something that i never had
Mood: Rather good

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