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2005-06-02 22:12:36 (UTC)

Dating Violence and the rest of my day

Well today was pretty boring. Not much new. Schools almost
out. Band concert tonight. I was writing notes to people
yesterday but I only finished Trevor's because I had a
dentist appointment.If I finish Rachel's and Mac's today I
can give it to them tonight at the concert.

In health we had people from datewise present their stuff.
And when they were talking about signs of dating violence.
This one couple kept popping into my head. It sucks cause
I feel like there is really nothing I can do about it. I
mean they are older than me and older people are
supposedly wiser. I want to sit them down and talk to them
and tell them that they either need to end it or solve
their problems. Because I have to watch them do it to each
other. Just writing that sentence made me wanna cry. I am
tired of them. They ask me, why I want to get out of my
house at 18? And I look at them and before I just made
something up. But now I am gona come up with the guts to
tell them to their face.
It's people like you that I can't live with. It's you that
makes me wanna leave. I hate you.

Thought of the Day:

If I am ever the abuser in a relationship, I hope that
they feel guilty for what I have become.