Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-06-02 21:13:44 (UTC)

Stubborn ... GYAH!

I tried dumping Nik last night .. hence on the word TRIED.
You see ... over the past two months ... its been nothing
but argueing, pushing away, making up, saying something
that would piss the other one of ... ect ect.
I just .. felt that .. I couldnt take it anymore. Just
thinking that he didnt believe in me .. was hard. And I
just ... thought I should give up. 'Cause thats what I
do. I give up.
But .. it didnt work. God damn O.o. He's too ... Nik ...
ish. If that makes sense at all.
Hmm ... Mum read Kade's blog after the night of cutting.
She then pulled off my wrist band. Oh happy times.
She didn't seem mad. More forecful, in saying "Dont you
ever miss another therapy session, and dont you ever do
that again!"
I nodded and smiled. But I regret thinking ... SHe cant
control me.
Im so .. wreckless with my thoughts sometimes.
Im in a good mood.
I decided ... if its worth that much ... Im giving this
relationship another shot.
The past month was ... swarming with "Im sorry's" I just
couldnt handle it.
ANd things are cleared up now ... and I couldnt be ..
Im so giddy ... I think there should be a law against
being this giddy.
It is a new law that you can not be as giddy as Amber.