Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-06-02 17:15:41 (UTC)

Welcome home

Dearest Master,

this slave is so glad that You are back home. this slave
misses You so much when You are not with us. The kids miss
You also, especially O/our little one.

Last evening, when You got home from Your business trip and
this slave and kids got home from the ball game, You were
really toasted. You were so tired that You just needed some
time to Yourself to relax and gather Your strength. this
slave made You some food, and then went downstairs to be
with the kids. You called up this slave later, and let her
know that W/we would be spending time T/together in a little
while. That made this slave so happy, because she missed
You so much, and she knew that You missed her as well. W/we
had spoken earlier in the day and she admitted to You that
her bottom was feeling a little too comfortable when she sat

When this slave joined You, You had her put on a garter belt
and stockings. You then dog-collared her and tied her tits,
and had her stand by You while You sucked on her nipples.
You also placed her slave collar around her neck. You told
this slave to fix her chair to sit beside You, but did not
have her sit right away. First, You made this slave go
stand by the bed and lean over it. You then used the large
"cane" and laid down 5-6 good strong blows against her butt.
You did not put all Your strength into it because the kids
were in their rooms nearby. You then had this slave stand
up while You used the smaller "cane" on her tits. You laid
down 3 stripes across the tops of each tit, leaving 3 bright
red marks. W/we B/both admired the stripes and agreed that
this weekend would definitely call for more. Finally, You
had this slave sit down next to You and play with her clit
while W/we looked at pictures and You jacked Yourself off.
When You were ready to cum, You stood over this slave and
she carressed Your balls while You came on her tits and
tummy. Very, very nice. this slave still had not been
allowed to cum since last Wednesday, but she is patient.
this slave knows that Your timing is best.

Today is a really pretty day. this slave is getting ready
to go out and mow. she balanced the check book this
morning, but this afternoon is all about outdoors. Today
has started out rough for You, but this slave loves You and
she knows that things are going to work out for U/us.
Please, please don't let circumstances get the best of You.
You are a strong, wonderful, capable man, and this slave
knows that O/our future is bright!!

Take care, Dearest Master. this slave is Your loving, loyal
and devoted slave-pet,