DayDream Believer
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2005-06-02 13:24:22 (UTC)

Pink elephant

I have not asked Tommy yet, dunno why. I had the moment the
words was in my mouth and only waiting to get out, but
instead of saying it they just went on and on, over and
over agen in my head.
I was a bit scared someting would change after it, like we
bouth had seen a big pink elephant in the room for years,
but then when I asked him a question about the elephant we
bouth know we have to get the elephant out. I kind of want
this elephant to go and kind of dont. Its been there for
such a long time that that I have gotten used to it, we
bouth have, so letting it go would mean a big change in
our appartment. But if we stil dont talk about it, its
gonna be there, somedays laughing us up in the face, or
making a mess in the appartment, I dont know, should I keep
doning what we`re doing so we can continue to have this
pink elephant, is verry spescial and rare ting to have or
should I mention it so it would go away and I can live in
an appartment without a pink elephant, mybe Tommy will be
there to, or maybe he`s gonna be mad I mentioned the
elephant so it disapeard, to he leaves to.