Fallen Angel with no Heart

An angel's life
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2005-06-02 06:26:57 (UTC)


Me and david are over, i culdnt take the lies no more off
him. It was just stupid little lies.. y? if he could lie
bout one thing,he could lie bout anything. Nope i had to.

I went to sarah's and got a txt of leyla saying that she
had heard kev slaggin me off. so i txted him, proper blew
off with him. I then texted david saying it as real mature
of him doin that. He called, and was in tears he was
shaking i could hear it in his voice, he as so upset, i
kept on telling him that it was just a lie that all of ths
tears and pain he is feelin are lies. He said that daniel
and brucey have been through alot more than e both have,
and then i got him wen i said, that brucey and daniel,
daniel lves brucey brucey knws that, all i know is that u
lie. He then hung up and told pl on the net that he was
going to kill hmiself, that he didnt want to live anymore.
He went out, me and brucey saw him later onthat nite after
walking down from sarah's. He was on his bike and totally
blanked us, he def saw us, cause later on we saw sarah at
highfield, highfield! sarah at highfield! werid aint it?
any hoo, she said that her and brooke had spoken to david,
she also said that he was covered in scratches, and he had
said he had been knocked over....
He came on the net, and i asked if he was any better than
b4, and he changed his name to ' been knocked over will b
bk in a hour, gooing to hospital'" ali im sorry"..... c i
dnt understand, a) if he was knocked down, it would b more
serious injuries b) he wouldnt knw how long he would b in
the hospital.. so bak in a hour? emm no c) he was able to
ride a bike home from the beach to his house at boldon
lane,.. he is fine. I hope so,
This life, i still havent figured out, but i do hope that
he is going to b alright. Zadkiel plz give me a sign that
he is ok, plz, or at least leave me for today and go and
watch over him. plz, i just need to know.
love ali xxx
going to maths :) woo lol ooooooo mr hayward! wow! hot or
wat! lol

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