My dreams are nothing but a haze
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2005-06-01 21:34:02 (UTC)

The Dilemma

I cant concentrate, I cant breathe

Im feeling nauseous, my brain hurts me

Faced with this dilemma, I must choose a life

Im sorry to say, that one must die tonight

The shadows are crawling, for the end is near

Life is not supposed to be lived in fear

Time is running out, whom do I despise?

These feeling of loathing and envy are bottled up inside

The rage builds, I want to scream

I place a finger on the trigger, my hand squeams

More then ever, wrath fuels me

I need an outlet to release this hostility

The headache returns, I cant see straight

Im feeling nausous, my brain aches

With a trembling hand, I sturdy the gun

I pull the trigger, the deed is done

I made the judgment of who will die

I pointed the gun at my heart, and said goodbye

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